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HebeSolar high-efficiency solar cellssolar panels and solar systems deliver significantly more energy per unit area than competing systems.

HebeSolar designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency solar electric technology worldwide.

Based on more than 10 years of innovation, we deliver proven solar performance to residential, commercial, and lights customers. At present, Hebe Solar has achieved PV industrial chain from silicon solar wafers to solar cells to solar modules to solar home systems.

Our customers benefit from lower cost, meaningful financial returns and maximum carbon emissions saving.

Hebesolar has been known well to African, Asian, European and South American markets for many years. Power from 5Wp solar modules to 200Wp small Hebe photovoltaic solar panels have been hot sold in market of Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, and power of 240Wp - 360Wp Hebe photovoltaic solar modules have been hot sold in European market these years. Hebe solar panels have been knewn well to a great number of customers all over the world.

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