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10 watt solar panel

10 watt solar panel

Detailed description of Goods:

10 watts home solar panels

Material: Multicrystalline Silicon solar cells or monocrystalline silicon solar cells,Max. Power: 10W photovoltaic panel ,Number of Cells: 36 ,Size: 356*301*28(mm)

solar energy panel 10 watts

solar panel 10w


36 High-Efficiency Solar Cells
Special Aluminum Frame Design - The specially treated frame aluminum substantially increases module
endurance against high winds and snow load and 10Wp solar cells panels for homes.
Reinforced Solar Glass - The high-transparency low-iron tempered glass allows maximum light
permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance.
Advanced Cell Encapsulation - The interconnected cells are embedded in ultra transparent EVA with
multilayer backsheets for additional weather protection.
Optimized Module Surface Area - The distance between the frame edge and the cell circuitry is
calculated according to the electrical output optimization. Residential solar panel 10w for homes.

Power source for remote telecommunication equipment
Monitoring systems for the oil & gas industry
Traffic, security, environment, and other remote information monitoring systems
Water pumping systems
Rural electrification
Small solar home systems
12V or 24V battery charging system
Other industrial and consumer applications from 10 watts solar power panels for domestic application.


Cathodic protection systems usualy apply from 10 watts solar panels for homes.

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