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solar road stud

solar Road stud

Detailed description of Goods:

Solar Road Stud, Solar Road Markers, Solar Road Markers, Solar Path Lights, Solar Road Signs,Reflector Road Studs

SRS(solar road stud,solar road marker,solar road marker,solar path light,solar road sign) are the new age replacements for the conventional Reflective Road Studs, popularly known as CAT EYES. During the day, the Solar Road Stud (SRS) absorbs sunlight and changes it into electrical energy. During the night, it will then light without external power sources. Due to the aluminium alloy and poly carbonate makeup, the studs are absolutely weather resistant/virtually indestructible.
  Our SRS are highly effective at getting the drivers attention because of its bright lighting, the standard retro-reflective materials used and ensure good visibility in darkness. The SRS consequently increases the safety of all road users as it enhances the ability to discern / navigate danger zones much better than CAT EYES or conventional road studs.
  Our SRS are made specially for a vast country, with extreme climatic conditions and have been thoroughly tested and were found functioning properly from -40C - +85C for Solar Road Studs, Solar Road Markers, Solar Road Markers.

===Key Specifications:===  
. Aluminum-alloy shell  
. Transparent plastic shell  
. Solar panel (2.4V/0.15 to 0.3W)  
. One Ni-Mh /Ni-cd rechargeable battery (1.2V/1,200Ma) /Super Capacitor (120F)
. PCB with over-charging function  
. Two/Four/Six Super bright LEDs  
. Light view distance: 800 to 1000m
. Frequency or flash rate: 2Hz or according to customers requirements  
. Working model: Steady lighting or Flashing. depends on your requirements  
. Bearable weight: 20-30 Tons  with Solar Road stud

. Color: yellow, red, blue , green, and white(For any choice)  
. Working time: 108 hours above for Flashing Type; and more than 24 hours for steady lighting type(standard luminosity intensity)
. Waterproof grade:IP>67  
. Working temp: --40 degree ---- + 85 degree  
. Life time: >5 years (Ni-MH) or >15 year ( Super Capacitor)
. Warranty: 14months only for Hebe Solar Road Stud.

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