Solar Racking and Mounting Products

Solar Racking and Mounting Products

Solar panel mounts for roof, pole & ground mount solar systems, the solar panel mount (or solar racking system) is the basis for fixing the solar array in place. Mounts are used to connect solar panels to the roof, ground or other surface of your property. With proper installation, the sturdy bracket can protect your panel and protect your investment in inclement weather. Before choosing to install the product, please make sure whether you are installing the solar rack on the ground or on the roof.

It is suitable for all roof, ground installation and solar tracker photovoltaic array racks and installation products. Our wide variety of solar racks and installation components can be used exclusively for any type of solar system. We provide shelves and installations: A Array Technologies, AET Energy, DPW Solar, IronRidge, Hollaender, Nine Fasteners, Quick Mount PV, ProSolar, S-5! Mounts, SnapNrack, Wiley, Tamarack Solar, Zomeworks and more manufacturers that provide high-quality solutions for solar racking and installation systems.

The shelves and installation products we provide are specially designed for high-quality structural accessories for roof and ground installation of solar arrays. Both large and small systems require appropriate racks and installation solutions to ensure that the system is safe and reliable, and generates energy in the next few years.

When you purchase racks and mountings from Solaris, you will get the lowest price per watt in the industry, enabling you to generate a greater return on investment in system costs. Work with us to make better moves for your solar products.

Definition of solar racking system:

Solar racking systems are also called photovoltaic installation systems, which are used to securely fix solar panels to various surfaces, such as roofs, building exterior walls, or the ground. The system is designed to easily retrofit existing roofs and structures.

Solar Racking System

Decompose the solar racking system:

Orientation & Inclination

Solar cells perform best when their surface is perpendicular to the sun’s rays. This angle is constantly changing throughout the day, changing with the seasons. Therefore, the common practice of the solar mounting system is to fix the solar cell array at the same angle as the latitude of the array position to maximize the annual power generation. It may be difficult to do this with solar systems installed on the roof. To apply this knowledge while considering this variable, it is important to install the solar array on the side of the roof that most often faces the sun.

Ground Racking

Ground-mounted solar panels are usually used in large utility stations. The solar cell array is connected to the rack system, and its foundation is directly inserted into the ground. In rare cases, these ground-mounted solar arrays can be installed for residential use, provided that the space is allocated appropriately, there are no shade obstructions, and local/state regulations allow.

Roof Racking

When the solar cell array is installed on the roof, it is installed parallel to the roof with a gap of several inches. If the roof is flat, install a shelf system to align the solar cell arrays at an angle. In either case, the solar installation system can be part of the initial construction of the building, or it can be retrofitted to an existing roof.

Ground Mounting System

Solar Ground Mounting System

All Q235B Hot Dip Galvanized MRac Ground Solar PV Mounting Systems feature adjustable bases for large and utility scale solar PV plants. The main components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, which has good structural strength, stability and anti-corrosion performance, and is compatible with various solar modules. Patented and certified solar system design ensures project safety and quick installation.