Solar PV Panel & Solar Array Outdoor Tester

Solar PV Panel Tester

Photovoltaic tester and solar photovoltaic testing equipment

The development of the solar energy industry needs to provide electricians, photovoltaic installers and technicians with new test equipment solutions. From solar irradiance meters and photovoltaic testers that meet residential needs, to the daily maintenance of new photovoltaic arrays or solar farms or photovoltaic power plants, Fluke solar test equipment can meet your needs.

Photovoltaic testing and production equipment

From the manufacture of solar cells to the sale of end-user products, the entire silicon photovoltaic industry chain can be divided into silicon wafers, silicon wafer manufacturing, solar cells, solar modules, photovoltaic system assembly, photovoltaic peripheral equipment and channels from top to bottom.

Various testing devices and testing equipment have been developed to meet the testing requirements of the cell and module process in solar cell testing. First, the I-V tester measures the conversion efficiency of the battery by dividing the battery. Next, the automatic optical detector identifies the color of the battery and the printing defects on the front and back, and finally sorted by the solar cell sorter.

Since the production of solar cells is related to conversion efficiency and yield, the percentage of damage in the entire manufacturing process is an important indicator of process management. The recently developed micro-crack detector can easily screen out damaged batteries, which not only guarantees the quality of the batteries, but also replaces the manual evaluation in the past. In addition, in addition to converting DC to AC when the photovoltaic system is assembled, the system inverter must also control the current and calculate the reverse current. AC/DC power supply and electronic load can simulate and test the output power to ensure its quality.

Solar pv panel tester

The solar pv panel tester, also known as the PV tester or PV installation tester, is a relatively new tool. They are designed to test the efficiency and operating conditions of solar panel installations (also called photovoltaic devices). Photovoltaics is a method used by solar panels to harness solar energy. Photovoltaic equipment directly converts incident solar radiation into electrical energy, without moving parts or waste, which makes it very efficient and one of the most environmentally friendly power generation equipment today.

In recent years, with the continuous decline in the price of photovoltaic technology and the increase in popularity, the demand for solar panel testers is great. There are a variety of tools that can be used to perform various tests on photovoltaic systems. HT Instruments is an Italian manufacturer of handheld test instruments and one of the leading suppliers of solar panel testers today. The company provides instruments for testing power quality, testing the photovoltaic system efficiency of single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems, and checking the I-V characteristics of individual modules and module strings in photovoltaic power plants. Some of HT’s multifunctional instruments can perform two or more of these tests.

Solar array outdoor tester

The solar array I-V tracer system can provide quick and easy on-site measurement of PV solar array output. The system is an easy-to-use tool for measuring and characterizing solar array output. Installers can now verify array efficiency and provide customers with data confirming system output. The compact test system includes test instruments, pyranometers and temperature sensors. When using a tester with a pyranometer and two thermocouples, the system will correct for defects in sunlight and provide a comparison of array and array performance regardless of sunlight. This setup provides results similar to expensive full indoor panel test systems at a very low cost.

Solar array tester readout

The OAI solar array I-V tracer system can characterize the power of the solar photovoltaic array in real time under the current temperature and conditions. The compact and lightweight system can record test data, temperature, date and identification number associated with each test-just press a button. The data port can be easily connected to any PC via the USB interface and has a storage capacity of 400 reports. The outdoor panel and array I-V tracer system is equipped with an AC adapter, and can also be operated with AA alkaline batteries for complete portability. This system is very suitable for monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell modules. The model is suitable for 1.2kW / 120V DC; 3.5kW / 500V DC; and 6.0kW / 600V DC.