Solar Energy Monitoring System

Solar Energy Monitoring System

Solar panels-made of a series of small semiconductors-convert direct sunlight particles into electrons, which are then converted into electricity. This electricity can be stored or delivered directly for use and applications, such as electricity for manufacturing facilities, HVAC, lighting equipment, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Residential and commercial solar energy is playing an increasing role in the overall complexity of demand on the distribution grid and forecasting fluctuating electricity demand. Power storage, consumer power generation, and automated home energy management systems are also affecting power distribution and grid management. The optimization of the grid needs to increase data-based insights while improving the manageability across old and modern systems. Powerful embedded controllers or IoT gateway controllers (such as those designed and manufactured by Axiomtek) are integrated with software solutions based on the IntelĀ® IoT platform to help utilities and energy companies collect, filter, and analyze from the edge to the Data in the cloud. This provides basic insights into usage patterns and identifies areas where grid performance can be optimized.

Solar Monitoring System

Solar monitoring system is the best way to ensure the performance of solar power plants. The solar energy monitoring system can realize the remote monitoring system of solar energy. We install solar power plants by investing a lot of money in solar installers. Solar installers showed us very attractive paper returns. However, when we actually saw the benefits a year later, the situation did not match what the solar installers said. The most important factor is the monitoring of power generation. Solar Monitoring System-Energy log to ensure that your solar power plant is always running well:

Energy Log-The solar energy monitoring system is a combination of hardware and software that provides a complete solution for the performance monitoring of solar power plants. The solar monitoring system has the following elements

  • Data Logger-Energy Log Modbus Beta
  • Sensor with RS 485 output (solar radiometer, ambient temperature, module temperature, etc.)
  • Software-Energy Log

Advantages of solar monitoring system

1. Poor power quality and poor stability: China’s power quality is not good, which increases the challenge of data loggers. Our data loggers are designed to handle the worst power quality conditions.

2. The solar monitoring system can withstand unfavorable weather conditions: The data logger is designed to deal with unfavorable weather conditions, such as the high temperature in Rajasthan or the extremely cold temperature in Leh. On the other hand, our data logger is designed to handle these extreme conditions. Our data logger, Energy Log Modbus Beta, has been working under these conditions for many years, so it is the best system to deal with harsh weather conditions.

3. Software and hardware customization: The hardware part (Energy Log Modbus Beta) and solar monitoring software are developed in-house. So we can provide customization according to customers’ requirements.

4. Storage: Internet connection problems often occur, causing data loss problems. And our data logger-Energy Log Modbus beta has 2 years of built-in storage. If the Internet fails, the data will never be lost.

5. Internet connection: The data logger is suitable for SIM 2G, 3G, 4G. It also applies to LAN and Wifi.

6. Support all types of sensors: Data logger (gateway) energy log Modbus Beta supports all types of third-party sensors, inverters and software.

7. Value for money: Like the Indian market, everything starts with price and ends with price. So we have developed a product with great value for money.